Getting the Job Done with Construction Contractors

Getting the Job Done with Construction Contractors

When to Have Soil Tested and Removed for Contamination

by Audrey Ramos

Property owners may never give much thought to the soil on their property, at least not until there is a flood or they find that they can't get grass to grow and flourish. However, soil that is contaminated with any type of pollutant can allow it to become airborne so that you breathe in dangerous chemicals, fumes, and the like. These contaminants can also get into nearby groundwater and even cause the soil to become unsteady so that a house or building shifts and settles. Note when you might consider having soil tested and then removed due to contamination.

After a demolition

Before any demolition is done, a demolition contractor should test a building for mould, lead, radon, asbestos, and other such materials. These materials should then be safely removed before a home or building is demolished. However, just because a company should test for contaminants doesn't mean they actually do, or that they do a thorough job. After a home or building is demolished, even on a nearby property, consider having your own soil tested for any contamination that may have made its way to your property and then having a contaminated soil removal for your own safety.

Rodent and pest infestation

Rodents, roaches, bats, and other pests don't just nest in your home but can also infest the soil of your property, as they may spread contamination through their droppings, dead carcasses, and the like. While an occasional mouse on your property doesn't mean that your property is necessarily contaminated, a large infestation should indicate the need to have soil tested. A soil removal company can usually note the more common nesting sites for pests and test these areas in particular for contamination.

Leaking or removal of storage tanks 

Tanks that store hazardous and unhealthy materials such as propane or other fuels, or septic tanks, should be periodically checked for leaks so repair can be done quickly. As with checking for contamination in a home to be demolished, just because this work should be done doesn't mean it's always actually done. If you have such a tank on your property or there is one stored nearby, or if you know that a leaking tank has been removed, you should consider getting your soil tested and replaced. Even a small leak can lead to a large contamination of your soil and allow these materials to collect on your property and around your home, which is unsafe and unhealthy.


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