Getting the Job Done with Construction Contractors

Getting the Job Done with Construction Contractors

Three Reasons To Get A New Steel Roof Before Installing Solar Panels

by Audrey Ramos

Many people are very conscious of the impact their home has on the environment, and as a homeowner who wants to be more environmentally-friendly, the installation of solar panels is a good start. However, before the solar panels are installed, you need to have a close look at your existing roof. A deteriorated, end-of-life roof must be replaced before the solar panels are installed as repairs after installation will be labour intensive. A steel roof is the perfect replacement roof to stage the solar panel system, and there are three main reasons why.

Long-Life Roof

Steel roofs such as Colorbond roofing are designed to withstand the harshness of Australia's climate. Once they are installed, there is an expectation they will last for decades provided they are properly maintained.

The benefit of starting with a brand new steel roof with a long expected lifespan is that once it is up, you can have the solar panels installed without worry that repairs will be needed. Removing solar panels for repairs to the roof is labour intensive and inconvenient, so it is best to avoid this scenario from happening.

Energy Efficiency

For a solar panel system to be effective, it needs to be mounted on a roof that is highly reflective. This keeps the roof itself cooler, which enhances the performance of the solar panels.

Metal roofing has a low thermal mass. This means it does not store a lot of heat in it, which in turn makes the roof cooler than other materials. When you combine a low thermal mass roofing material with a light coloured roof, you get an enhanced reflection of the sun away from your home. This gives you a strongly performing solar panel system, and a lower internal heat within your home. Lower internal heat means you will depend on air conditioning less, so this is a major win for energy efficiency.


A steel roof is strong, which means it can support the weight of solar panels with ease. Including their mounting brackets, solar panels weigh between 10 and 20 kgs each. This weight is distributed across your roofing area so that no one particular point is bearing the whole weight of the panels. The secondary bonus of a metal roof's strength is you don't need to worry about it cracking when solar panel maintenance is done, and people are walking on the roof.

The more structurally sound your roof is, the better your new solar panel system will perform. A new roof gives you years of protection, while your solar panels will give you years of cheaper energy.


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Getting the Job Done with Construction Contractors

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