Getting the Job Done with Construction Contractors

Getting the Job Done with Construction Contractors

How to Ace Accountability Questions During Interviews

by Audrey Ramos

Many labour hire companies that find work for transport workers in the construction sector usually look for employees who have very high standards of personal accountability and responsibility. Such labour hire companies may therefore pose several questions during interviews in order to select individuals with high standards of accountability. This article discusses how you can respond to some of those questions in order to pass the interviews conducted by transport labour hire firms.

How Do You Ensure You Meet Deadlines?

This question may be geared at finding out whether you have a routine that you follow in order to hold yourself accountable for meeting all the deadlines that may be given to you by construction companies. You can convince the interviewer that you are an accountable person by telling him or her that you use a calendar system to keep track of all the construction materials that you have to deliver at different times of the day. You could also say that you repeat back any requests or instructions that you are given in order to confirm that you will do exactly as you were told.

What Do You Do When You Discover You May Miss a Deadline?

This question tests the methods that you follow to detect that you are likely to miss a deadline. It also tests how you react once you make that realisation. Respond to this question by telling the interviewer that you usually notify your immediate supervisor so that he or she knows what to do in case a client calls about a missed delivery of construction materials that you were expected to make. You can then say that you also call the client and notify them that you are running late. An expected time of delivery should also be mentioned so that a client knows when the late delivery of construction materials will be made. This information is likely to convince your interviewer that you take your job as a construction labour-hire employee seriously.

How Did You Meet a Tight Deadline?

This question may be aimed at finding out how you take personal initiative in order to meet all the deadlines that you are given. Start by describing difficult deadlines that you had to meet, such as making deliveries to different construction sites during heavy traffic. You can then explain that you came up with a plan to use a major highway that is less congested in order to deliver the materials needed at the farthest delivery point first in order to avoid the rush hour traffic on the city roads. You can then say that you later made the urban center deliveries once the rush hour reduced. Your explanation will show the interviewer that you always do everything in your power to meet the expectations of your employers.

Transport labour hire firms like DSC Personnel will always find you work in case you employ the interview tips and suggestions above.


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Getting the Job Done with Construction Contractors

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