Getting the Job Done with Construction Contractors

Getting the Job Done with Construction Contractors

Building-Design Considerations You Must Make Before Doing New Construction

by Audrey Ramos

Any building began just as an idea or inspiration, which later developed into a clear concept and executed as a reality. This is referred to as the design process: converting an idea into a construction project. Clients usually engage the services of a consultant firm specializing in construction planning or project management. In order to transform the ideas of an individual into a feasible construction project, some important design considerations should be made.

Building site and building orientation

If the client has already identified the building site, the consultant has to analyze how the building will sit on the site and its orientation. They will look at natural vistas such as topography, climate and natural drainage of the land to determine this.

Size and scale

A lot of considerations also go into the size and scale of the building. The consultant has to consider the maximum height of the building with regard to the statutory limitations in the state and the resources available to construction. Besides this, the building-design team will also need to determine the distance that the building will be set back from property boundaries at the ground level and upper floors as well.

Vehicle and pedestrian access

The building-design team also needs to consider how vehicles will enter and leave the site. These vehicles include construction vehicles, personal vehicles once construction is complete and even fire engines. Corner plots between major and minor roads will often favor the minor road. There should also be convenient access for pedestrians to parking lots, walkways and nearby streets with key focus on handicapped individuals.


Landscaping is important in any building-design process because it will contribute to the overall visual appeal of the complete construction site. A key focus is placed on future maintenance needs, especially when choosing the kind of vegetation to use.

Availability of materials and labour

Finally, the building-design team must deliberate over the kind of materials that will be used in construction. A lot of focus on construction materials in modern buildings is on sustainable building technologies and eco-friendly materials. Questions like local availability of materials, transportation of the materials, renewability, fire resistance and durability of materials should be answered at this point. The time and quality factor of the construction project depends greatly on the kind of labour acquired. The availability of labour for the building design should be a huge concern for the construction team as a whole.


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Getting the Job Done with Construction Contractors

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