Getting the Job Done with Construction Contractors

Getting the Job Done with Construction Contractors

Benefits of Roof Trusses Over the Conventional Rafter/Stick Framing

by Audrey Ramos

One of the most significant structures on your house is the roof. For this reason, whether you are constructing a new home or remodelling your existing one, you will want your roof to have a proper framework support. The type of support you choose will affect the longevity as well as the design of your roof. Roof trusses and traditional rafter or stick framing are the main methods used as framework for your roof. Each of these methods has its own pros and cons, but here are the top benefits you stand to gain by choosing a roof truss method.

Faster Installation

One major benefit of roof trusses is that they allow for faster construction. This is because, unlike their stick framing counterparts that are often made on site, roof trusses are pre-fabricated at an off-site factory. What is delivered to your home is the completed truss system, which is then installed with cranes. Installing rafters on site usually takes longer. Since the construction process is sped up with truss systems, your structure will be closed up much faster, which helps reduce the amount of exposure of the interior of your building to elements during the construction process. However, roof truss systems will require drawings as well as engineering. This means that compared to rafter framing, they (truss systems) have relatively longer lead times.

Cost Effectiveness

Since roof truss systems are not built onsite, the amount of labour needed is considerably less, meaning reduced labour costs. Second, material wastage is reduced in the sense that the truss systems are usually custom-designed to meet the specifications of the homeowner. Therefore, most of the material is kept to use.

Clear Spanning Longer Distances

With a roof truss system, you can span longer distances than you would with rafter or sticker framing. Most significantly, these distances can be reached without the need for load-bearing structures such as walls. This is made possible because of the web-like design of roof trusses. That is, roof trusses often contain small pieces of wood linked together with connectors. This design enhances the strength of roof truss systems so load-bearing walls are usually required less. This is not only cost effective too but it also allows you to achieve an open floor plan. Making a span with rafters will be quite complex and expensive because several roof beams would be required. To support these beams, you would also need several bearing points.

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