Getting the Job Done with Construction Contractors

Getting the Job Done with Construction Contractors

Lockdown: Choosing The Best Locking Mechanisms For Bathroom Doors

by Audrey Ramos

The most important part of proper home construction is making sure that you have the right materials, and this doesn't just apply to your bricks and mortar -- even the smallest pieces of builder's hardware, such as bathroom door locks, should be carefully chosen to maximise the value and attractiveness of a finished house. After all, who wants to live in a house with a bathroom they wouldn't feel secure in?

Builder's hardware suppliers offer a wide range of interior locking mechanisms that are ideally suited for bathroom door use, but these different types of lock are far from equal when it comes to security and utility. You should therefore take the time to decide which type of bathroom lock is most suitable for the home you are constructing and the budget that is being used to build it.


The simplest way to secure a bathroom door is with a simple deadbolt, attached to the bathroom side of the door with a suitable bracket to hold it in place once locked. These lock types are extremely inexpensive and easy to fit, and can provide a surprising degree of security and protection under the right circumstances. They can also be used easily by both children and elderly or infirm people, making them ideal for use in prospective family homes.

Unfortunately, the security of a deadbolt depends largely on the materials it is attached to, and a large, secure deadbolt attached to a fragile softwood door frame will not provide much in the way of security. Recessed holes drilled into door frames or walls are often necessary to increase the security they provide. Deadbolt locks can also look rather cheap, and may not be suitable for luxury new builds.

Rim locks

Rim locks are attached to the interior surface of a bathroom door, and provide security by wedging a secured latch into a specially installed catch attached to the door frame. Although more expensive than deadbolts they are still very affordable, and boast traditional looks much sought-after in rural retreats and barn conversions. They are also very easy to operate, using a simple sliding switch to alternated between locked and unlocked states.

Rim locks truly excel, however, when installed in the family home. This is because many rim locks can be unlocked from the outside with a supplied 'emergency' key, allowing adults to quickly assist children or elderly people who get into difficulties while locked in the bathroom.

However, rim locks are only slightly less vulnerable to brute force than deadbolts, and like deadbolts they should be attached to strong, stable door and door frame materials to maximise their effectiveness.

Handles with integrated locks

A feature popular in homes with modern, minimalist hardware and fittings, bathroom door handles with integrated locks are the last work in locking convenience. Featuring a push button or twisting knob which locks or unlocks the door's latch as required, they do not require installation of a separate locking mechanisms, and are very quick and easy to install. Integrating the lock within the handle itself also provides more protection against unwanted intruders and brute force entry, as the lock cannot simply be kicked out of the door frame like a deadbolt or rim lock.

Unfortunately, these integrated locking mechanisms are generally more expensive than more traditional locking mechanisms, particularly because they should be made from expensive, rust-free materials such as stainless steel or aluminium. If made from a rust-prone material, the integrated locks can jam a handle in place, forcing homeowners to break the entire locking mechanism to bypass it.


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