Getting the Job Done with Construction Contractors

Getting the Job Done with Construction Contractors

Steel Screw Piling Installation: Why Its Minimal Site Disruption Feature Appeals to Many Piling Contractors

by Audrey Ramos

Many of today's structures are being built on piled foundations. In order to eliminate the need for substantial ground disturbance at the construction site, new and improved piling systems are constantly being introduced into the construction market. Steel screw piling is a good example of such systems. Steel screw piling is a type of deep foundation or anchoring system that is quickly gaining popularity in the construction world because it does not require major excavations. The screw piles are installed by first hitting holes of specified depth into the ground using an iron bar, and then twisting the piles in the holes until they reach the desired depth. 

Many modern piling contractors are turning to the use of steel screw piles because of its almost no-dig feature. Let's take a look at some of the reasons as to why minimising site excavations during pile foundation construction projects is so important.

Saves time and money

Time and money are crucial inputs required in the execution of any construction project. Generally speaking, the longer it takes to execute a construction project, the higher the costs incurred. Therefore, it is critical for piling contractors to keep project execution times at a minimum whenever possible. Because they do not require substantial earthmoving, steel screw piles ensure that piled foundations are installed in record time. Hence, the piles are a cost-saving option. 

Eliminates excavation hazards    

Excavation at construction sites is a major source of workplace accidents. Construction workers can fall or slip into trenches, get hurt by falling excavated material, get exposed to hazardous underground materials, trip over excavating equipment, et cetera, et cetera. This can lead to filing of huge workers' compensation claims against the employer. By eliminating the need to carry out major excavations, steel screw piles eliminate workplace accidents associated with excavation work, thus reducing compensation claims filed against the employer (piling contractors). 

Helps keep the environment intact

As we build new structures, we should be sure to protect and preserve the natural environment. Any construction work that involves carrying out major excavations can adversely disrupt the land and the resources in it. This may mean compromising the functionality and aesthetics of the natural environment in an effort to create a man-made structures. Construction with screw piles helps ensure minimal disruption of the land, thus maintaining natural ecosystems and reducing the need for major site cleanup exercises once the construction work is completed. 


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Getting the Job Done with Construction Contractors

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