Getting the Job Done with Construction Contractors

Getting the Job Done with Construction Contractors

Why Should You Think About Adding a Sun Room Instead of a Conservatory

by Audrey Ramos

It's usually a lot easier and cheaper to simply extend the home you are already in rather than moving. Two popular extension options are conservatories and sun rooms, but people often tend to get these two options mixed up.

Essentially, a conservatory is made using as much glass as possible. The sides and roof will be made to use plenty of glass, creating a room that is flooded with natural light and provided with unobstructed views. In contrast, a sun room uses a roof made from normal materials and usually includes one normal wall, yet it still brings in plenty of sunlight by using windows across the rest of the space.

There are benefits on both sides, but many homeowners will find that sun rooms are more advantageous than conservatories, and here are just a few reasons why.

Reduced Cost

Any home extension is probably going to be considered a major financial undertaking, but you can cut down on your costs by going for a sun room instead of a conservatory. When you construct a sun room, you can connect it directly to another room of your house. In contrast, a conservatory needs its own set of doors to prevent heat or cold penetrating into the rest of the house. Additionally, conservatories tend to take more time to build and use slightly more expensive materials.

All-Season Use

Probably the biggest problem that comes along with conservatories is that they cannot be used all the time. Glass just doesn't provide very effective insulation, so you'll generally find that a conservatory will be too cold for comfort during winter. Even during summer they can be uncomfortable; with the sun streaming in unimpeded from above, things can quickly become sweltering. You'll be adding another room to your house, but one that can only be used comfortably under certain conditions. Of course, you can add air conditioning and heating, but that costs a lot and will push your energy bills up extremely high.

In contrast, a sun room uses a regular insulated roof and usually one or more insulated walls. It can be used regardless of the season, just like any other room in your house.

Easier Maintenance

The idea of having a room will walls and room made almost entirely of glass might sound nice, but maintenance requirements can quickly take the shine off. A glass roof is very hard to keep looking its best, with everything from bird droppings to trapped leaves leaving their unpleasant mark. Additionally, glass isn't as tough, so damage is more likely to occur. 


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