Getting the Job Done with Construction Contractors

Getting the Job Done with Construction Contractors

3 Important Reasons You Should Re-Roof with Concrete Instead of Metal

by Audrey Ramos

If you want to re-roof your property with one of the stronger and more durable roofing materials, you'll almost certainly end up choosing between metal and concrete. There are advantages on both sides, but concrete often proves the superior choice. Using concrete will cost a little more than using metal, but there are several reasons why it's well worth the added cost. Here are just three.

1. Concrete Roofs Cope Better with Environmental Conditions

Australia is a land of extremes. We can have heavy rain one day and scorching sun the next. As such, a resistance to the elements is vital when looking at roofing materials.

Metal is a very tough roofing material, but it does have its flaws. With the sun shining on it all day, the metal will expand; when the sun goes down and the cool night air arrives, it will contract. This can lead to damage, allowing small gaps to develop. Metal roofs can also be dented and scratched during hail, and it will also transmit any noise of heavy rainfall into the home. Perhaps most importantly, the surface can start to rust when exposed to even a minimal amount of sea air. Even if it has been coated to resist rusting, all it takes is a scratch in that coating for rusting to start developing. In stark contrast, a concrete roof will easily withstand snow, heat, rain, and hail.

2. Concrete Roofs Are Easier to Repair  

After a few years, metal roofing will tend to become a little duller than it was when first installed, and finishes can start to peel, chip, or get scratched. This is a problem because a whole sheet of metal will need to be removed if any flaws develop. Once one sheet has been removed, it will be practically impossible to find a replacement sheet that matches the same dulled tone as the rest of the roof, which means repairs will create a somewhat patchy appearance.

Concrete roofs are made using lots of tiles rather than a few large sheets, so repairs are a lot cheaper and easier to conduct. Since concrete tiles do not tend to fade, it should be easy to match replacement tiles if they are ever required.

3. Concrete Roofs Offer More Design Options

Metal roofing sheets are manufactured in a few different colours, but you're unlikely to be blown away by the range of choices. Metal roofs can also look a little artificial and industrial. Concrete tiles have been around for centuries, and they are available in numerous colour options to help work around your wishes. You can even choose different tile designs, from large barrel to smooth and flat, bringing an added dimension and texture impossible to achieve when you use metal.

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