Getting the Job Done with Construction Contractors

Getting the Job Done with Construction Contractors

Why Design Your Own Garden Office Construction Project?

by Audrey Ramos

Although garden offices are sometimes nothing more than glorified sheds, it is important not to construct one that is insecure or that has no design aesthetics. Garden offices will often hold expensive computer equipment and need to be fitted out with lighting, heating and even air conditioning. If you treat it as a structure that is on a par with a shed that simply stores a few garden tools, then it is likely not to be up to the job in terms of either comfort or security.

These days, there are a number of manufacturers in Australia that supply well-designed prefabricated garden offices. Although these are often very good, they don't afford the level of flexibility that many homeowners demand of their garden office. Read on to discover why a design-and-build project is better for many Australian homes and why a one-off garden office is preferable to a standard design.

Shape and Size

As nearly all gardens differ in size or have planting already in place that might restrict a standard design of external office, choosing your own design dimensions makes a lot of sense. Bear in mind that designing your own garden office does not simply mean determining its footprint and how it will fit in with your garden. You can also select the height of the roof line because all that is required to make a pitched roof steeper or shallower is to adjust the length of the office's timber frames trusses. Generally speaking, prefabricated external offices don't offer overhead storage in the way bespoke ones can.

Security Concerns

Unlike some prefabricated garden offices or converted sheds, bespoke projects mean you can make your office a secure as you think is appropriate. Given that individual ones are likely to be made with timber wall frames, you don't need to fix insecure timber cladding to it. Instead, you could opt for a more secure material such as vinyl cladding, weatherboarding, stone cladding or steel sections. With walls constructed of these sorts of materials, your office instantly becomes harder for would-be intruders to break into using a crowbar.

Finishing Touches

If you design your own garden office, then you don't need to have something produced that is entirely functional. Any timber truss of the finished office can be fitted with textured stone cladding or other attractive finishes, such as natural slate, smart zinc strips or wooden shingles. In many cases, it is also possible to create a multi-functional space attached to your home which doesn't just offer a place to work, but can operate as a summerhouse or outhouse, too, thereby adding value to your property.


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