Getting the Job Done with Construction Contractors

Getting the Job Done with Construction Contractors

What you need to know about leaking showers

by Audrey Ramos

It seems impossible to go into the shower and get out disappointed. However, if the shower is leaking you are not going to have much fun because leaky showers can cause some problems including: 

  1. Structural damage: Your walls and floors can soak up water and, in time, get ruined. This ends up destroying the structure of your house. Termites will undoubtedly want to have a piece of the action due to the favorable, moist conditions.
  2. Health hazards: You house can become a haven for creepy creatures, germs, and mold. These can cause infections and provoke allergic reactions.

These problems will ultimately cost you money. The good thing is that you can be vigilant to stop any leaks before they wreak havoc by watching out for the following:

  1. Mold and peeling paint: These two problems tend to accompany each other although they can occur in isolation.
  2. Musty smell: This smell is caused by dampness and mold. It is not usually very noticeable to begin with, but it intensifies over time.
  3. Cracked tiles or missing grout: Cracks on the tiles are quite easy to see, just like missing grout. However, you will have to be keener if the grout has cracks, as these can require a careful examination.

Whenever you suspect a leak, find out what you need to do or call a plumber to fix it. The first thing the plumber will do to fix the leaking shower is identify the cause of the leak and seal it. Most leaks in tiled showers are caused by a failure of the grout. These are easy to fix, but then there could be other causes.

Once the leak has been sealed, the next step is to restore other parts of the bathroom that were damaged by the leak. Sometimes the plumber will recommend tiling the shower anew. This happens if the tiles are cracked. If the grout needs replacing, the plumber will scrape it off and apply a new seal.


One way to avoid tiled shower leaks is to have the grout sealed with a silicone finish. It will give a shiny look, but more importantly, it will also protect the grout from bleach, which causes it to deteriorate. Bleach is found in many detergents, and it affects grout because grout is porous.

Also, if you are re-grouting your floor or walls, you can consider using a silicone-based grout which will resist mold and mildew. Another way to prevent a leaking shower is to make the shower floor slope to the drain gently. If some water is not flowing to the outlet, it will increase the chances of leaking.


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