Getting the Job Done with Construction Contractors

Getting the Job Done with Construction Contractors

Factors That Affect the Performance of Waterproofing Membranes

by Audrey Ramos

Several factors can affect the longevity and the performance of any waterproofing membrane that has been applied on a concrete surface, such as a balcony floor. This article discusses some of those key considerations that you should control in order to prolong the service life of that waterproofing membrane.

Substrate Quality

The nature of the surface onto which you apply the waterproofing membrane can impact the service life of that membrane. For instance, poorly compacted concrete will be very porous. That porosity can cause pinholes to develop within the waterproofing membrane that you apply. Those pinholes will reduce the efficiency and durability of that membrane.

Surface Preparation

Waterproofing membranes can fail to adhere onto the surface if that surface wasn't prepared adequately. The membrane may also blister. Proper surface preparation includes removing any loose materials, such as dust and sand, which may be on the floor on which the membrane will be applied. Holes, cracks and all porous sections should also be filled before the membrane can be applied.

Membrane Application

The best waterproofing membranes will perform poorly if they aren't applied correctly. For example, a membrane will fail if it is applied soon after rain has fallen on the concrete surface. This is because the high moisture content of that concrete will prevent the membrane from adhering sufficiently. Similarly, a membrane is likely to fail if it is applied before the primer has set. It is therefore advisable to follow all the instructions that are given as you apply the waterproofing membrane onto a surface.

Membrane Suitability

A membrane will perform well if it was the correct choice for the given application, as long as that membrane was correctly applied on a well-prepared substrate. Unsuitable membranes can fail soon after application. For example, you should only select a membrane that is UV resistant if you intend to apply it on a surface that is exposed to direct sunlight for most of the day. Such a membrane will take long to start breaking down as a result of the damage that is caused by constant exposure to sunlight. Adequate attention should therefore be devoted to selecting the most appropriate waterproofing membrane for a given application.

Many of the issues that can affect the performance and durability of a waterproofing membrane can be avoided if one fully understands the factors that influence the success or failure of different waterproofing techniques. You may therefore be better off hiring a professional to handle all your waterproofing needs instead of making a costly mistake when you attempt to apply the membrane on your own. For more information, contact a business such as Westside Sealants Pty Ltd.


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