Getting the Job Done with Construction Contractors

Getting the Job Done with Construction Contractors

5 Ideas to Help You Design an Active Senior Community

by Audrey Ramos

Staying active is linked to longer lifespans and a better quality of life, and if you are designing a senior community, you may want to integrate elements that help keep residents active. There are a number of design elements that can help. Take a look at these ideas.

1. Smoothing Walking Surfaces

Walking paths are essential if you want to foster an active community. You may want paths that go through parks or natural areas, but you also need paths that run through both the residential and commercial parts of your community.

Smooth surfaces are essential, especially for seniors who use canes or have difficulty walking. In that vein, consider asphalt rather than concrete as it tends to be less expensive to repair. You may also want to widen paths enough to accommodate golf carts — they are a popular mobility option for some seniors.

2. Benches

Benches may seem counterintuitive when you're trying to boost activity levels in a community, but they can actually help. Benches scattered regularly throughout the community give residents a spot to stop and rest. Seniors who can't walk long distances due to respiratory, heart or similar issues, may be more likely to get out and get active if they know that they have the option to rest periodically on a bench.

3. Centrally Located Businesses

For many people, it's easier to stay active if activity is just a built-in part of life. Integrating businesses in your residential area can help with that. It encourages seniors to walk to the grocery store, the hair salon, the doctor's office, the dry cleaner's or anywhere else they want to be. If everything requires a drive, that cuts down on walking in the community.

4. Multi-Age Playgrounds

Even if you are developing a community for seniors, you may want to add some amenities such as parks or playgrounds — that's ideal for residents whose grandchildren come to see them. However, don't just design playgrounds for children. Consider integrating equipment for the seniors to use.

5. Community Gardens

Finally, consider making a community garden a focal piece of your neighbourhood. That builds communities and helps keep residents active. If you have a large central garden, it also allows you to keep the yards of the homes smaller. That maximises your space.

For more tips on how to complete your project, contact a town planner and engineer for more help. 


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