Getting the Job Done with Construction Contractors

Getting the Job Done with Construction Contractors

Save Money on Energy Bills in Your Home With Roller Shutters

by Audrey Ramos

Are you spending incredible amounts of money to pay your energy bill because of your air conditioner? What if there was a way you could manage the temperature in your home whether its summer or winter? Roller shutters are a fantastic way to keep your home cool during summer and warm during winter. Though most people have them installed for security purposes, you can also reduce your energy bills significantly if you have roller shutters. One might ask; how does that work?

Block Penetration

Extreme cold and heat can penetrate through glass windows and doors very quickly.  If you have Roller shutters installed in front of the windows and doors, they provide a reliable insulation against such temperatures before they enter the house. Up to 80% of heat or cold is deflected back to the environment by the shutter surface meaning your house temperature will remain constant at all times. If you are not using your air conditioner to cool the house during summer or heat up during winter, you will be saving a huge chunk of money otherwise used for the electricity bill.

Keep Heat In

During the winter season, most of the internal heat escapes through windows, doors and other surfaces. Roller shutters play an important role in keeping all the heat inside the house by preventing any escape. Though it may be freezing outside, your home will remain warm, and there will be no need to use heating appliances.

Protect Surfaces

Though roller shutters are designed to be lightweight, they still contain enough strength to withstand harsh weathers and sun rays that could otherwise damage your windows and doors. Shutters offer the same protection as steel except they are cheaper and more versatile. Roller shutters also protect your interior from harsh glare and sun rays that damage your furniture and electronics. Homes that have screens covering windows and doors experience durability of every component because they are all well protected from natural elements.

Keep Noise away

One of the most effective ways to drown external noise such as traffic or loud neighbors is to turn on the air conditioner or fans as well as creating your own sound with TV and music. Roller shutters cover most of the areas where noise enters through such as windows and doors meaning you don't have to turn on your fans to drown the noise anymore.

The best thing about shutter rollers is that they can be installed on your balcony, doors, walls, alfresco area and any other place that needs insulation and security.


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Getting the Job Done with Construction Contractors

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