Getting the Job Done with Construction Contractors

Getting the Job Done with Construction Contractors

Key Functions of an Emergency Plumber

by Audrey Ramos

Plumbing emergencies can be among the most inconvenient issues for your home. A plumbing emergency includes anything from a clogged drain to a frozen pipe. The common underlying issue with such emergencies is that they need to be taken care of in the shortest time possible, or they could render your facilities unusable or extensively damaged.

An emergency plumber is a trained professional who is available to fix plumbing emergencies on short notice. They are available, often 24 hours a day, to address various issues that may arise with your plumbing system.

What does an emergency plumber do?

When you call an emergency plumber, you can expect them to be able to address the following issues:

Unclogging bathroom and kitchen drains

Among the most common plumbing emergencies are clogged bathroom and kitchen drains. When these drains get clogged, they can render your kitchen sink, bathroom sink and shower unusable.

Clogs are regularly caused by food debris, grease, oil and other chemicals that may be present in food products or cleaning agents. An emergency plumber has the tools necessary to expel these clogging agents from your pipes and to allow water to flow down the drain.

Fixing overflowing toilets

You may have experienced that dreadful day when you tried to flush the toilet and the water came swelling back up at you. Overflowing toilets can lead to damage to the waste pipes and cause the toilet to become unusable.

An emergency plumber can inspect the drainage pipes and identify what is causing the overflow.

Fixing gas lines

Gas leaks, though rare, can occur in different parts of the home. If you notice the smell of gas in or around your property, you could be experiencing a gas leak. An emergency plumber can inspect your gas lines and identify any potential leaks. They are qualified to do the inspection in a safe manner that prevents further damages from occurring.

Fixing water heaters

Emergency plumbers are also able to address issues concerning lack of hot water in the home. Broken water heaters, leaking pipes and faucets can all be fixed by an emergency plumber.

Unclogging sewers

The sewer system that leads from you home to the main city supply can get clogged by grease, debris and other foreign items that may have made their way down the drain.

Emergency plumbers can examine your main sewer line and identify what is causing the clogging. They can also get rid of the clog and prevent sewage water from backing up into your home. 


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