Getting the Job Done with Construction Contractors

Getting the Job Done with Construction Contractors

Should You Choose Concrete Kerbing for Your Commercial Landscape Borders?

by Audrey Ramos

Landscape edging will help you define the lawns or gardens in your commercial property. In simple terms, installing a kerb along your natural landscape will improve the appearance and design of the outdoor space. Also, the borders will be prominent, ensuring that vehicles and people do not damage the grass or plants carelessly. If you are planning on installing a kerb for the first time, you should consider choosing concrete as your construction material.

While there are numerous suitable alternatives, this option has an exceptional balance of beneficial properties. Here are some of the reasons you should install concrete landscape borders. 

Material Resilience

Concrete is an ideal material for kerbing because it is durable. The kerbs will not experience rotting, warping or other forms of degradation in spite of the constant exposure to adverse weather conditions. Also, you will be able to perform your regular landscape maintenance tasks such as mowing without worrying that the edging will sustain mechanical damage. If the poured concrete kerbs cracks due to freeze-thaw cycles, you can perform quick repairs using general patching products. If you have installed precast concrete blocks around your landscape and they become damaged, you can replace the individual units. 

Kerbing Costs

Concrete is not an inexpensive material for kerbing applications. There are cheaper alternatives such as wood and plastic edging products. However, concrete is an economical choice for commercial usage. In simple terms, this material will last longer than the inexpensive alternatives. Therefore, you will not need to invest in constant maintenance, repairs and replacement. Also, concrete is cheaper than other long-lasting materials such as granite and other natural stones. Choosing this type of commercial kerbing will give you full value for your money, and it is economical for both your short-term and long-term budget.

Design Options

Numerous commercial property owners are hesitant about installing concrete kerbs because the material is commonplace. The greyish hue can be dull when placed in a beautiful garden or lush lawn. Fortunately, concrete can be modified, and there are countless design options to consider for your garden. In general, you can install coloured concrete kerbs from multiple shades to match your preferences. It is also possible to have landscape edging with exposed aggregate or veneers for a more decorative look. Additionally, you should think about creating visual interest by choosing interesting block shapes and sizes or pouring concrete for a unique design.

Installing the perfect concrete kerbs around your commercial landscape can be challenging. So, consult an experienced concrete contractor for ideal results.


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Getting the Job Done with Construction Contractors

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