Getting the Job Done with Construction Contractors

Getting the Job Done with Construction Contractors

Preventing Flooding Of Your Stormwater Drainage During the Rainy Season

by Audrey Ramos

Clogs in your stormwater drains can lead to serious havoc on your property. But since a good number of homeowners overlook the maintenance of their stormwater drains, flooding becomes a significant threat to your property, especially during the rainy season. Stormwater drainage functions to redirect copious amounts of water away from your property, including runoff that is redirected away from the residence via the guttering system. The thing about blocked stormwater drainage is that it does not occur overnight. Thus, as long as you pay meticulous care to your stormwater drains, it is likely that you will not have to contend with clogs and subsequent flooding. Here are a few handy tips for preventing flooding of your stormwater drainage during the rainy season.

Routine maintenance of your gutters and downspouts

One of the simplest, yet most effective, measures you can employ to make sure that your stormwater drainage system is in optimum condition is to have your rain-redirecting components taken care of on a fairly regular basis. The moment that twigs, leaves and a host of other forms of organic matter start to accumulate in these parts, they will be washed into your stormwater drainage system when rain passes through the gutters and downspouts. Not only does this increase the threat of flooding on your property, but it also means your roof is at risk since the gutters are clogged, too!

Routine inspections of the stormwater drainage grates

While carrying out regular maintenance on your guttering system, it is also crucial to examine your stormwater drainage system periodically, too. Whether it is raining or not, there is a chance of matter making its way into the stormwater drain. This is more of a concern if deciduous plants characterise your garden since the shedding of leaves will almost always mean the dead organic matter collecting if your storm drains. Fortunately, investigating the state of your stormwater drains is not time-consuming and will help considerably in eliminating stray debris that may be caught in the grates.

Occasional jet blasting of the stormwater drainage system

Even when you are hands-on about taking care of your stormwater drains, sediment is bound to build up with time. And when the residue deep inside the drains are not cleared out, you will soon be facing a massive blockage in your stormwater drain system. Professional contractors can perform jet blasting on your drains on an annual basis to flush out any stubborn clogs. 


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