Getting the Job Done with Construction Contractors

Getting the Job Done with Construction Contractors

The Effect of Overloading and Incorrect Tyre Pressure On Roads During Bulk Haulage

by Audrey Ramos

Over time, roads deteriorate due to poor drainage and heat from sunlight. Vehicle traffic also contributes to this destruction, and that is why roads require regular maintenance. As each vehicle passes on a road surface, it causes a small deformation that may or may not be noticeable. However, it is significant. The strain may also depend on the characterisation of the road surface. As many more cars pass on the same area a cumulative effect occurs, that leads to permanent deformation and further road cracking.

Light Vehicles Vs. Heavy Vehicles

Generally, light personal and commercial vehicles will have a relatively smaller contribution to road damage compared to heavy vehicles. In addition to the weight of the heavy vehicle, the load they carry will have a significant contribution to road destruction. This load is calculated as the load per heavy vehicle axle.

When determining the level of damage, there are various factors considered. The weight of each axle loads and spacing of the axles, the number of wheels the truck has, the speed the truck is moving at, the contact pressures of the tyres and as mentioned above, the characterisation of the road surface.

Contact Pressure

The vehicle manufacturer has recommended specific tyre pressures for heavy vehicles. Overinflating or underinflating can have adverse effects. Overinflating may result in an increase of contact stress between the tyre and the road. When measured, the vertical contact stress usually exceeds the tyre inflation pressure by a small percentage.

If you underinflate your tires and overload your truck at the same time, you will exceed the inflation pressure mentioned above, and therefore, cause contact stresses. These stresses lead to the premature destruction of road surfaces and also the damaging of your tyres. Rough roads incur the worst damage, where the clearance of smaller vehicles may not be enough for it to pass on that particular damaged road without contact.

Premature Destruction

As indicated above, roads may eventually deteriorate, but after a long period. Overloading, underinflating and overinflating will shorten this duration leading to premature destruction of roads and tyres. When compared, a heavy bulk haulage vehicle carrying the recommended load and correctly inflated according to the manufacturer will cause less damage than an overloaded heavy vehicle with underinflated or overinflated tyres.

Vehicle Operation

Overloading makes a vehicle unstable and difficult to steer. It can also make your truck take longer before coming to a stop. In the case of a huge truck, the probability that an accident occurs is very high. Accidents can cause injury, death, and even further destruction of roads and roadside accessories.


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