Getting the Job Done with Construction Contractors

Getting the Job Done with Construction Contractors

3 Captivating and Stylish Skylight Window Trends

by Audrey Ramos

As a builder, you have an arduous task of proposing home features to potential homeowners. However, if you continuously get that 'that's-out-of-trend' look from your clients, then it is about time to change your supplier. Builders are supposed to be up-to-date regarding skylight window designs. The reason is that skylight windows are unique features; therefore, when a client decides to install one, then the window stands out. It can prove elusive though, especially if your skylight window supplier does not know what is trending. In this article, you will find some of the current skylight window designs that are causing a storm in the industry.

1. Window-cum-Skylight -- Traditionally, a skylight window is installed on the roof of a building, and it serves different functions. For instance, when placed directly above the foyer a skylight window's sole purpose is to direct as much natural light into the space as possible. In an attic room, the window doubles up as an opening that can be closed like an ordinary wall window. However, did you know that you can combine a traditional window and a skylight window into one unit? The half-window half-skylight window design is gaining popularity due to its unique look. Rather than appear exclusively on the roof, the new skylight window design joins the traditional window at the edge of the roof. The window allows a user to choose between a conventional window or a skylight window depending on preference. 

2. Skylight-cum-Balcony -- Balconies and skylight windows have been around for decades. However, how many houses have you seen that have a skylight and balcony appear as a single feature? You probably haven't seen any, but this is another trend that is proving to be a favourite among homeowners that have transformed the attic into a living space. The smart design features two sections of the skylight window. At the touch of a button, the bottom half of the window opens onto a balcony that is equipped with rails while the upper section is manually operated. The best part about the skylight design is that it creates space where there is none, which is a hit with homeowners that want a balcony experience that they can only dream of.

3. Bluetooth-Enabled Blinds -- In this day and age where everything is automated, skylight window blinds have not been left behind. The days when homeowners had to manually lower and raise skylight window blinds are gone thanks to the convenience of Bluetooth technology. Currently, there are skylight window blinds that are operated via Bluetooth connection. The skylights come with a Bluetooth device that allows you to take control of the screens within a reasonable distance. The best part is that you can stop the blinds at any point.


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