Getting the Job Done with Construction Contractors

Getting the Job Done with Construction Contractors

Choosing An Accent Wall Colour For Your New Home

by Audrey Ramos

If you're selecting the paint colours for the rooms in your new home, there's no need to stick with the one colour for all four walls. Why not add an accent wall to provide contour and depth? Selecting the right shade, though, can be tricky.

Being Bold

First of all, there's no need to be timid. An accent wall is your chance to incorporate a colour you love that might be better in bite-sized pieces. A vibrant blue or bold burgundy can be perfect on a small wall; consider it an extra large piece of artwork. The accent hue, though, needs to tie in with the room decor and the other paint colours for it to work. One approach is to repeat the tone of the other walls, but several shades darker.

Going With Stripes

For a distinctive accent wall, you could try vertical stripes. The width and the contrast between the lines are crucial to the overall effect. Low contrast, tone-on-tone, evenly spaced stripes that combine two tones of the same colour can create a classic look. Or you could contrast navy and cream for a dramatic statement. Alternatively, using the same hue but with different sheens, so that one stripe is matte and the other satin, produces a subtle effect. For something totally different, horizontal or even diagonal lines can add movement to a fun decor.

Make Sure The Wall Is An Accent

Remember that an accent wall is meant to be an accent and not the main colour, so a small area is best. If you choose a long wall in an open plan living area, the effect can be unsettling and overwhelming. Accent walls work particularly well in architectural nooks: on a small recessed wall with open bookshelves above a desk, for instance. The distinct colour highlights the particular architecture in that space and adds dimension and interest.

Dark Colours

You might be aware that pale hues reflect light, whereas dark surfaces absorb light for a dimmer appearance overall. Don't let this wisdom rule out a dark accent wall, however. The best option depends on your particular layout. Dark, cool colours, such as deep charcoal, can have a contouring effect, seeming to push a wall further away. Just remember to get samples from your custom home builders so you can see how the different hues look in the specific light of that room at different times of day and night.

For more information on how best to customize your home, contact a custom home builder.


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Getting the Job Done with Construction Contractors

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