Getting the Job Done with Construction Contractors

Getting the Job Done with Construction Contractors

Top Tips for Effective Restaurant Fitout Design

by Audrey Ramos

According to experts, restaurateurs can increase their sales by as much as 7% to 20% just by renovating their space. Therefore, why not use this to your advantage as a budding restaurateur? Unfortunately, most restaurateurs are happy with the status quo simply because they believe that restaurant redesigning is a daunting task. With so many things to deal with—from lighting and layout to furniture and artwork—it is easy to forget some essential aspects. This article highlights tips for a successful restaurant fit-out. 

Focus on Layout – First things first. The layout of any successful restaurant is the holy grail of hospitality fit-out design because it ensures the efficient utilization of space. Notably, the layout design you adopt determines the level of interaction between your staff and customers. However, the fact that customer interaction is critical in the food service industry doesn't mean that the waiters have to be part of a romantic dinner for two. Most importantly, the layout of the furniture must accommodate staff movement and circulation. Not only does such a design promote efficiency, but it also prevents mishaps such as bumping into a fellow waiter who doesn't appreciate wearing the restaurant's dish of the day. Make sure that there is enough space between tables. 

Tell Your Story – Your restaurant's fit-out determines the kind of story the business communicates to customers. Therefore, it is vital to let the interior tell a clear story about your establishment because it is the only way to draw customers who appreciate your concept. For instance, if you serve organic food, then the last thing you want is plastic furniture donned with plastic mats because the layout does not match your concept. An eco-friendly fit-out like wooden tables and chairs with lots of greenery is more appropriate. On the other hand, if your restaurant is in an industrial city, then fittings such as industrial lighting and bold artwork against a metallic wall will do for your target clientele. The bottom line is, as long as your fit-out reflects your concept, then you are well on your way to success. 

Use Your Windows as Free Advertising – Since you are paying rent, why not use every inch of space for advertising your services? Most restaurateurs avoid window displays primarily because they want their customers to have a view of the outside. However, this is where they get it wrong, because displays in one or two windows are enough. For example, if you post an eye-catching menu on the most prominent window, the chances are that passersby will not miss it, and they will be tempted to drop in. That said, you should ensure that the window displays are not cluttered to the extent that potential customers get confused by what you are offering. Simplicity goes a long way in transforming a restaurant's window display.

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