Getting the Job Done with Construction Contractors

Getting the Job Done with Construction Contractors

3 Reasons to Use Resin Injection Underpinning

by Audrey Ramos

If you've had a structural survey because you have noticed movement issues in your home, like cracks in walls, then you may need foundation underpinning. While this solution typically used concrete to shore up properties in the past, you can now use other technologies like resin injections.

What are the benefits of taking the resin injection route to get your home standing straight again?

1. Get a Quicker Fix

Using poured or piled concrete to underpin foundations takes time. Your contractor has to dig out areas under your home to get to foundation level. They may need to add supports to the building to keep it in place until the work is done.

This all takes time. Plus, once the underpinning work is done, you'll have to wait for it to set and cure before you restore excavated areas.

Resin injections don't take as much time. Your contractor simply inserts holes in key areas around your home. They then inject the resin into the ground where it interacts with the soil to fill gaps to create a solid foundation again.

2. Get a Less Messy Solution

When you excavate under your home, you should expect a lot of mess and disruption. Your contractor will have to dig up ground, possibly all around the property. The excavation and underpinning process creates a lot of dirt, mud and dust.

As well as affecting the outside of your home, it's also likely to get indoors, too. If you have to walk across a work site to get indoors, then you'll track stuff in. Dust could blow into your home even if you try to keep doors and windows closed as much as possible.

Resin injections aren't that invasive. They go into the ground through small holes. So you keep mess to a minimum.

3. Get to Stay at Home

Your contractor might tell you to move out of your home while they underpin the building. You may need to move furniture out or into other areas.

If you use resin injections, then you can usually stay at home during the process. You might have to move a few pieces of furniture from key areas; however, this is less of a problem.

While resin injections work well for some underpinning projects, you need to get advice from specialists before you choose your ultimate fix. To find out more about your options, talk to foundation underpinning contractors like those at Pro-Pin Professional Underpinning.


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