Getting the Job Done with Construction Contractors

Getting the Job Done with Construction Contractors

Do You Get a Home Extension or Move House?

by Audrey Ramos

Before moving house because of space concerns, consider home extensions first. A home extension can save you money and the hustle you have to go through looking for a new house and moving. Here are some considerations you need to make before getting a home extension:

Is a Home Extension Possible?

The surroundings of your home have to be considered; is there any room for an extension? If there is no room, you might have to move house. At times, you might have other utilities consuming space around your house, like a swimming pool or garage. Since you can't start limiting their space, you might be forced to move house. Your house should also not extend beyond the boundary of a neighbouring property.

How Large Is the Extension Requirement?

Sometimes if the home extension exceeds a particular distance from the exterior wall (usually six to eight metres), you might require planning permission. Also, not all properties or structures can be extended without planning permission. If you own a maisonette, flat or a building that requires a development rights permit, you must get planning permission. Your architect or home extension contractor should be in a position to give you this information.

Do You Like the Location of Your Home?

If you require to make several extensions that might cost you and you do not like the location of your home, it would be wiser to save up and move house. Why? If you do not like the location of your home, you might likely have a lingering thought that you should move. If you make the home extensions, you might end up incurring costs you might not recover when you need to move house later. However, find out whether the home extensions you make will increase the sale value of your home so that you recover the money.

If you like the location of your home, you can make all the extensions you need to make it more comfortable. Ensure they are also functional and increase the value of your home. You might want to sell the house sometime, even if not soon.

Moving House or Home Extension?

From the above, you can tell that there are factors you should consider to help you make this decision. If you are making a home extension, ensure it is an investment. This means that it serves you now, will continue to and will have returns in the long run if you sell the house. If you are moving house, ensure that a home extension is not possible or feasible.


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