Getting the Job Done with Construction Contractors

Getting the Job Done with Construction Contractors

3 Reasons to Build an Attached Garage

by Audrey Ramos

While some people decide to build a free-standing garage on their property, others attach a garage to their home. Sometimes, this choice is simply a question of personal preference; however, sometimes, it makes more sense to go with one of these options.

For example, there are times when attaching a garage to your home, say at one side, is the best solution. When might this be the case?

1. You Want to Use Existing Walls

When you build a garage on to your home, you already have some of the structure in place. The wall between your home and what will be your garage is already built.

This can make for a quicker job. After all, your builder will only have to put up three walls instead of four. This could also reduce your costs. Quicker jobs that use less materials and labour typically work out cheaper.

2. You Have Space Restrictions

Free-standing garages usually need a bit more space than ones that attach to homes. For example, if you put a free-standing structure next to your house, you need some space between the two. 

If you don't have a lot of room for a garage, it may pay to attach rather than free-build. The garage will sit snugly against your home, taking up less space.

Plus, you might be able to use all the space you have more effectively. If you don't have a gap between the garage and your house, you can design a slightly bigger garage. This could give you additional useful storage space as well as somewhere to park your car.

3. You Get a Flexible Future Space Option

While free-standing garages have their benefits, they don't connect to your home. If you build an attached garage, you can add internal door access so that you can go into the space from inside your home if you ever want to.

This makes the garage itself more useful. For example, if you have room, you could store your washing machine or an extra freezer in the space. You get instant access from your home rather than solely through the garage door.

Plus, a connected garage gives you space that you can adapt in the future if you ever want to. You could change it into extra living or even sleeping space if you need more room at home without having to build a dedicated extension. To learn more, talk to local builders.


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