Getting the Job Done with Construction Contractors

Getting the Job Done with Construction Contractors

Don't Think You Need a Land Survey? Forget These Three Common Misconceptions

by Audrey Ramos

Land surveys are great for outlining boundary lines, preventing encroachment on neighbouring properties and resolving any existing boundary disputes. Unfortunately, when it comes to hiring a surveyor, most people assume they can do without one. The numerous myths and misconceptions flying around about the entire survey process do little to emphasise the importance of this exercise. Learn the truth about the following common misconceptions.

The Land Surveying Process Is Costly

Most people assume that getting a survey is a costly process. However, this is rarely the case. 

The cost of surveying land is negligible when compared to what you may lose if you trespass on someone's property. For example, if you build a structure past your boundary line, you'll have to demolish it. Also, if the other party goes to court, you may pay fines for encroaching on their property. 

You Don't Need a New Survey on Your Land

This assumption is common among people who had surveys several years back. Unfortunately, just because the property was surveyed at some point in history doesn't mean it is okay. Surveyors can make mistakes. Some information may come to light which may affect the existing boundary lines. If this information comes to light after you've already developed the land, you may be charged with encroachment.

Whether you're buying a property or thinking of developing near the existing boundary lines, it's crucial to get a new survey just to be sure. The process is simple, and it can save you court battles and a lot of money in the future if your current survey is wrong. Use a professional surveyor who's meticulous and thorough to avoid unnecessary surveys in the future.

Your Boundary Lines Are Accurate Since No One Has Ever Disputed Them

When you've lived on a property for decades, or perhaps had it handed down by your loved ones after years of possession, it's easy to find comfort in time. Since the land has been in the family for decades, there's no way the boundaries are wrong. While this may be true, it isn't always. The only way to be sure that your boundary lines are accurate is by conducting a survey.

In the past, most people didn't bother to get surveys. Those who did may not have been completely thorough. The absence of reliable technology also made it hard to define boundaries with precision. Only a professional surveyor can debunk this and save you from the accusation of land encroachment.

There are lots of misconceptions surrounding boundary lines and property surveys. The only way to be sure of your correct boundary is by getting a land survey! Contact a land surveyor to learn more.


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