Getting the Job Done with Construction Contractors

Getting the Job Done with Construction Contractors

4 Mistakes That Increase Metal Laser Cutting Costs

by Audrey Ramos

Laser cutting has helped reduce the burden of cutting metals, but you need to follow certain rules to get the desired results. Making even the slightest error during metal laser cutting could hinder the optimum performance of your machine and increase the cost. Therefore, take the time to learn the proper steps to follow during metal engraving and common mistakes that most people make. Below are some errors to avoid during laser cutting.

1. Failing to Make Lines Visible

Most laser cutting machines in the market can't detect light colours. Therefore, you have to use the right colour lines to avoid such problems when cutting the metal. The best colour to use when marking the metal surface is red. Proper preparations before you start cutting will help you avoid major issues.

Therefore, neglecting to make proper markings on the metal might affect the final design. Expert contractors have the skills and equipment to mark metals before they start laser cutting.

2. Failing to Consider the Metal Thickness

How thick or thin the metal is will determine the effort needed to complete the cutting task. Using thicker materials will increase the cutting costs and time needed to complete the job. So, put careful consideration on the metal thickness, and try using soft and thin materials when possible to increase affordability and speed for the project.

3. Failing to Print Prototypes

The best way to optimise your designs is by printing out a copy during the design stage instead of working on the prototype on your computer screen.  A printed prototype will give you the freedom to use a pen to make proper markings on it. You can also note down any necessary changes for the design. That way, you can get a clear picture of how your design will look once you are done cutting.

4. Failing to Clean the Machinery

You have to keep various parts of your machine, such as the pallet ways, clean to maintain its efficiency. Using uncleaned devices can actually pose thermite hazards as you're cutting the metal designs. Thermite is a mixture of metal oxides and aluminium.

When thermite ignites, it will produce high temperatures that can melt through the metals, causing them to light up. Avoid such issues by keeping the machine's ducting, dust collectors, and scrap drawers clean at all times.

Though laser cutting is an effective method of making great metal designs, failing to follow the proper steps can have serious consequences. Therefore, it is best to leave the work to the experts. Professionals best understand the right steps to take and the mistakes to avoid to get the best results. Look for a professional with experience with the metal laser cutting process. 


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