Getting the Job Done with Construction Contractors

Getting the Job Done with Construction Contractors

Safety Tips For Mining Engineers

by Audrey Ramos

Mining engineers deal with the extraction of minerals such as gold, iron, titanium and lithium. More often than not, they work in dangerous conditions inside the mines. They also come into contact with hazardous materials and chemicals. Below are some safety tips for mining engineers.

Site Inspection

A site inspection will help you determine the following: 

  • The type of soil at the site. For instance, you may need to excavate clay and peat soil to ensure you have an easy time installing mining machines and constructing buildings at the site.
  • The presence of dangerous materials and chemicals at the site. For instance, if the area is a former landfill, you will want to know whether it has asbestos pits.
  • The stability of the ground. For example, you could use braces to prevent the collapse of mines.
  • Site accessibility. You may need to build or widen roads to ensure trucks can access the site.

Check Local Laws

After the site inspection, check local laws to know the permits required to conduct the mining works. Some local councils will compel you to observe specific construction standards to prevent accidents at the site. Besides, you could be prohibited from using explosives at the site. 

Protective Clothing

Your staff must have protective clothing at all times. For instance, you should provide earmuffs if the site has a lot of noisy machines. Industrial grade boots will prevent falls and foot injuries in the mine. Mines could get dark. As such, your staff should have reflective clothing to increase their visibility. Besides, the helmets used should have a torch attachment to be used in dark conditions. Provide safety harnesses if the employees will work at heights. 

Machine Safety

Mining machines could cause accidents at the site. Prevent such situations by observing the following guidelines: 

  • Site machines should be operated by trained, experienced and qualified personnel. Preferably, the operators should have a high-risk work licence.
  • The equipment should be in perfect mechanical condition. Leaking engines, worn-out tires, and damaged hydraulic systems will significantly increase the risk of site accidents.
  • Inspect the equipment daily. It will help you conduct repairs on faulty machines. Ideally, each machine should have service records detailing its service schedule.
  • Do not overload cranes and forklifts. Additionally, each machine should be used for its intended purpose.
  • Machine operators should have spotters to inform them of their blind spots. 

Mining engineers must observe site safety to prevent injuries and fatalities. They should conduct a site inspection, follow mining laws, wear protective clothing and observe the recommended machine safety tips. 

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