Getting the Job Done with Construction Contractors

Getting the Job Done with Construction Contractors

What Are the Benefits of Stone Mastic Asphalt?

by Audrey Ramos

If you want to lay asphalt on the roads in your development, then you have to decide which type of product to use. While regular asphalt has its benefits, you should also look at specialist mixes such as stone mastic asphalt.

What is stone mastic asphalt, and what are its advantages?

What Is Stone Mastic Asphalt?

All asphalt mixes contain aggregate stones, binders and fillers. However, they come in different mixes and grades. For example, the size and placement of stones is different in each type of material.

Stone mastic asphalt typically contains larger pieces of coarse stone aggregate. These stones mesh together to create an interconnected base for the surfacing. They sit closely together with fewer gaps than in other asphalt mixes.

This stone base is then filled with a mastic mix of bitumen and fillers. This mix holds the stones in place and creates the asphalt's smooth surface. Unlike some other products, a mastic mix also usually adds some fibres to the binder to increase the final surface strength of the road.

Why Should You Use Stone Mastic Asphalt on Your Roads?

Stone mastic asphalt is typically tougher and stronger than other asphalts. It works well on roads that get regular or heavy use because it is more durable and less prone to damage.

The larger stone base in this mix creates a strong structure for the surface. With fewer gaps between stones to deal with, the surface is less likely to develop ruts, depressions and dips. The stones keep the surface intact for longer even under heavy use, while the fibres in the binder add extra stability to the finished surface.

So, the roads in your development shouldn't suffer from deformation damage as they age in the way that other asphalt mixes would. They'll cope with traffic a lot more effectively without needing a lot of repairs.

Stone mastic mixes also usually have a higher binder content than regular mixes. This binder also contains more bitumen than other products. Its additional fibre content boosts its stickability. All these factors make the binder more effective.

This binder isn't just there to hold the surface together; it also makes roads more elastic and flexible. The asphalt can move naturally in and out of shape when it comes into contact with regular use or heavy loads without cracking or breaking.

To find out more about stone mastic options and how they might work on your roads, contact asphalt contractors in your area.


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