Getting the Job Done with Construction Contractors

Getting the Job Done with Construction Contractors

4 Aspects that Make Horizontal Directional Drilling Unique and Ideal for Your Underground Utility Installations

by Audrey Ramos

Horizontal directional drilling (HDD), also known as directional boring, is a relatively new technology quickly proving to be a superior industry standard for below-ground piping and utility installation. Generally, it involves boring along a pre-determined path using a surface-launched drill rig to accurately install underground utility cables, conduit and piping with minimal or no disturbance on the surface. 

Furthermore, this technology eliminates the need for expensive digging, labour costs and unnecessary disruptions associated with conventional open-cut utility installation techniques. Whether you are repairing, maintaining or installing underground utilities, horizontal directional drilling is your ultimate solution because of various reasons, including the following.

Minimal Surface or Environmental Disruption

If you need minimal surface disruptions when installing underground utilities, your go-to solution will be horizontal directional drilling. Generally, these drilling rigs can bore below almost any obstacle, including hazardous swamps and deep rivers, with zero surface impact throughout the length of the pipeline. 

This unique advantage can be vital for operations in environmentally-sensitive locations. Horizontal directional drilling allows utility installation with minimal disruptions to the ecosystem and wildlife conservancies. With attention to detail and careful planning, HDD can assist your company to minimise its environmental impact throughout the project. 

Reduced Project Installation Costs 

Horizontal directional drilling allows contractors to skip cumbersome processes like saw cutting, concrete removal and rehab, manipulation of surface material and many other time-wasting tasks. That means there is a lot of time savings regarding labour or rehabilitation of landscaping, parking spaces, roads or driveways. 

Furthermore, drilling under existing utilities, creeks or water bodies can save more time, effort and materials. That's because HDD takes the shortest routes with minimum installation times. Ultimately, this reduces the overall costs of your utility installation project. 

Minimum Soil Contamination

During horizontal directional drilling, the drilling rig pushes the soil to the sides instead of forcing it to the surface. Because of this, it's less likely that soil contamination might spread to the surface using horizontal directional drilling. 

Furthermore, contaminated soil cannot permeate the pipes since they have heavy-duty connections for maintaining structural integrity. On the contrary, traditional drilling stands a higher risk of causing soil contamination. 

Enhanced Safety 

Finally, the traditional excavation-based utility installation techniques are inherently hazardous to contractors and equipment. Open trenches can potentially cause accidents and fatalities, resulting in costly operations, time wastage and putting your construction tea at risk. 

However, horizontal directional drilling uses a unique approach that eliminates the need for trenching or excavation. You only need to create an entry and termination point. With fewer open holes or trenches, there's minimum risk to workers and equipment. In turn, this makes HDD the safest solution for your drilling operations. 

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