Getting the Job Done with Construction Contractors

Getting the Job Done with Construction Contractors

Types of Land Surveys That Can Be Undertaken for a Residential Property

by Audrey Ramos

You can find out various things about a property from a land surveyor's report. You can get clarity about the exact size and location of a property, the features it has, and whether it can be subdivided. Specific surveys focus on each of these things, land surveyors will often combine them to provide a rounded view. Here are several reports that they may amalgamate.

Boundary Survey

One variety is a title re-establishment survey. You will need this report when building an extension to determine the exact property border so you don't build too close to the neighbours. A boundary survey will give you certainty if you're rebuilding the back fence or if you're in a dispute with your neighbours about the fence line.

You will also want information about a border when buying a property to be sure of its exact dimensions. Alternatively, you might plan to sell a home. A land survey can make the process easier, as each interested buyer won't have to undertake their own survey; it will already be done.

Subdivision Survey

A subdivision survey is more specific; it will help you subdivide a property. It will involve measuring the land and checking the local zoning regulations that apply. The surveyor can delineate the land into parcels that follow the regulations.

Easement Survey

An easement survey will verify if there are any easements associated with the property that give rights to others. For example, an underground sewer pipe may run underneath, and an easement may give the company that owns the infrastructure the right to enter the property to maintain it. A power pole on private property may have an associated easement that requires the landowner to grant access to an energy company.

An easement can also provide others with the right to cross over a property. For instance, others may be able to use a path on your property. You need to be aware of easements, as they limit what updates and renovations can be undertaken.

Topographic Survey

While a boundary survey focuses on the edges of a property, a topographical survey concentrates on the features above the land, both natural and constructed. The survey will map and measure the house, sheds, trees and other features. The surveyor also analyses the level of the terrain, using various equipment to record rises, slopes and hollows. These details are crucial to architects and builders who may need to draw up plans and work on a house extension.

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