Getting the Job Done with Construction Contractors

Getting the Job Done with Construction Contractors

4 Benefits of Acrylic Skylights

by Audrey Ramos

Adding a skylight to your home can bring in more natural light and make rooms feel larger, and they're particularly popular for loft conversions. However, there are several options to consider when choosing a skylight, and one of the most fundamental is what material will be used to make it.

Most people assume that glass panes are the only way to go, but you can also opt for acrylic skylights. These offer several benefits that can make them a more attractive option. With that in mind, here are just four reasons to consider fitting acrylic skylight windows.

1. Design Versatility

One of the main advantages acrylic holds over other skylight materials is that it can create more flexible designs. This is down to the fact that acrylic is both lighter than glass and easier to handle. If you want a skylight that is larger than average or a domed skylight, acrylic is usually the best option. Thanks to acrylic's low weight, it's also often recommended for roofs that have low slopes or roofs that are completely flat.

2. Tint Options  

Acrylic skylights are versatile in terms of looks as well as structure. You can choose from a wide range of coatings and colours to meet your exact needs and wants. Whether you want to minimize heat loss or restrict the amount of natural light that floods into your property, acrylic skylights can do the job. Being able to choose from different colours and tints also lets you match your skylight to the existing style of your home.

3. UV Resistance

UV rays can be a problem for skylights since they are so exposed to the sun. However, acrylic skylights can handle that exposure well due to their ability to resist damage from UV rays. Acrylic skylights can also help prevent UV damage within your home. Over time, furniture and interior surfaces can take on a faded appearance due to prolonged exposure to UV rays. However, you can choose UV-blocking acrylic for your skylights to help avoid this problem.

4. Low Cost

It's always worth taking costs into account when you're looking at any home renovation project. When comparing skylight materials, you'll find that acrylic skylights tend to be less expensive than those made from other materials, such as glass and polycarbonate. This is especially important to consider if you're going to be installing more than one skylight since the difference in pricing can really start to add up.


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