Getting the Job Done with Construction Contractors

Getting the Job Done with Construction Contractors

  • When to Have Soil Tested and Removed for Contamination

    Property owners may never give much thought to the soil on their property, at least not until there is a flood or they find that they can't get grass to grow and flourish. However, soil that is contaminated with any type of pollutant can allow it to become airborne so that you breathe in dangerous chemicals, fumes, and the like. These contaminants can also get into nearby groundwater and even cause the soil to become unsteady so that a house or building shifts and settles.

  • Understanding the Various Types of Access Equipment You Can Hire for Concrete Cutting

    During renovations, you may need to cut concrete in high-rise sections on your building. You need access equipment to conveniently access high-rise work areas more precisely, safely and speedily than you otherwise would when using traditional ladders, scaffolding or steps. Particularly, access equipment makes it easy for you to adhere to occupational health and safety standards. For instance, maximum weight capacity that can be accommodated by a scissor lift makes you cautious when loading it with equipment or personnel.

  • How to Spot Signs of a Main Sewer Blockage Before it Floods Your Home

    When a clog develops in the main sewer line that removes waste water from your home, the results can include blocked drains and overflowing toilets. Fortunately, there are often warning signs of a main sewer blockage that can alert you to a problem before the system becomes completely backed up. 1. Slow Drains If one of your drains starts emptying much slower than usual, the problem is probably a local clog that you can dislodge with a plunger.

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    Getting the Job Done with Construction Contractors

    Hello, my name is Carl and this is my construction and contractor blog. I do not work in the construction business but last year, my wife and I had a lot of work carried out on our summer home which is located on the Gold Coast. Winter storms had damaged the roof and a couple of seabirds had made a nest in there. The place was a real mess but thankfully the contractors did a great job of repairing the roof and fixing up the damage to the loft space. I learn a lot during the repairs so I decided to start a new blog. Enjoy!